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Ayla Cox

Ayla Cox is a smutty wordstress.When she’s not on her knees in a fit of passion and lust, she’s devouring any book she can get her hands on.On the off chance that Ayla has time off, you may find her frolicking on a beach or hiding away in a lake cabin, recharging her batteries, both figuratively and literally.She's passionate about inclusivity, is quick to laugh at inappropriate things, and she loves love.Dive into her side of the pool for a while if you're curious enough...


Just a Taste Series #1


Denise and Hugh have it all... mostly.Glorious, high-paying jobs at the most illustrious VC firm in San Francisco and expense accounts that let them wine and dine their clients.At a client party, surrounded by the glitz and glam of the one percent, Denise's problems come to a head, and she has to decide which path she wants to take forward.Accepting her life and relationships as they are or something that makes her feel something she hasn't felt in years:Ravenous desire.

Just a taste Series #2


Denise is at a crossroads.When things around her begin to spiral out of control, she is forced to be honest about what she envisions for her future and how she is going to get there.Hugh has a plan.Now that he has Denise's attention, nothing is going to stop him from showing her a glimpse of the man she deserves, even if he knows it's not him.As things begin to change around Denise and Hugh, will they be able to fan their flame one more time without becoming Addicted?


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Tempted Content Warning

This book contains adult themes, including elements of BDSM.

Addicted Content Warning

This book contains adult themes, including elements of BDSM, portrayals of anxiety, domestic violence, physical violence, and recollections of murder and loss.
Please be cautious of your mental health as you enter into this book.

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